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Here at Active Health Clubs we have a diverse range of memberships to suit your fitness goals and they are budget friendly as well! We offer action packed value as you have access to over 30+ group fitness classes that are motivational, inspiring, adrenalin pumping and goal driven to suit all fitness levels and ages... Don't be shy, remember everyone started as a group fit newbie at some point of there journey so you are definitely not alone... 

If you feel that this is not your thing, then never fear....... We can guide you to reach your peak fitness with one of our committed  Fitness Coaches on the gym floor, they are just as passionate in seeing you believe and achieve your dreams as much as you are! If you need someone to hold your hand or to just be there to guide you, then this is for you! We are here waiting, tomorrow never comes and the only person that can decide when the time is right is you, what are you waiting for? 

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